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Getting a book reviewed is getting harder and harder. Not only do you have to find and build relationships with reviewers and media outlets, but you also have to compete with the thousands of new books being released each month by major publishers – who already have those relationships with reviewers and book review publications.

There are fewer outlets for professional quality and honest book reviews.  With so many books and requests, it’s possible that more than a few great books will get overlooked or lost in the shuffle.

Here Are Your Options:

General Submission

If you’re submitting your book under our general submissions, it must have been released in the past 90 days (or to be released in the next 90 days). You do NOT need to be a San Francisco author to submit a book.

If your book is outside of the 90-day on-sale date, read about our Sponsored Review program.

We are unable to make decisions on reviewing books from email solicitations. Books sent to San Francisco Book Review cannot be returned. Reviews will appear on our website

Reviews are the opinion of the independent reviewer only and do not reflect the general opinion of San Francisco Book Review. Reviews cannot be guaranteed, unless you take part in the Sponsored Reviews Program (see below).

Publishers: If you’re a publicist submitting a book for a possible review, please mail two copies to the address below for consideration. Our process is that we issue an available book lists every 2 weeks to our pool of more than 120 reviewers for them to select. We do not assign books. Reviews are the opinion of the independent reviewer only and do not reflect the general opinion of San Francisco Book Review.

Local Authors: If you are a local author submitting a book that has been released within the past 90 days, please submit two copies to the address below, and put “Local Author” on the outside of the package. Also include the name of your publishing company and publicist name, so we can notify you if a review is posted. Reviews are the opinion of the independent reviewer only and do not reflect the general opinion of San Francisco Book Review.

eBooks: We accept digital galleys/ARCs for review. Our preferred method of receiving ebooks is a pdf, epub, or mobi file, which can be submitted through our ebook submission form.

San Francisco Book Review / Kids’ BookBuzz
c/o City Book Review
930 Alhambra Blvd., Suite 240
Sacramento, CA 95816

To submit books that are only electronic (click HERE).

Sponsored Review Program

If you have published a book and want to have a professional review of your book, or your book’s on-sale date is outside of our 90-day range, you can participate in our Sponsored Review program to receive a guaranteed review. You can also use the Sponsored Review program for books that haven’t been published yet or have just been released and you don’t want to wait and see if your book will be selected for a general review. Sponsored Review books are not labeled as such on our website or in any of our marketing, so you won’t have any stigma for paying for a review.

Sponsored Reviews are done by our regular staff of reviewers. It is not a guaranteed positive review of your book, and if you don’t approve the review for publication, you can trade it for an ad on our website. If you do like it, we’ll publish it on our website and you can use it as part of your marketing materials. If you request a pre-release review, you can use it for a pull quote on your final book jacket. We take a great deal of pride in working with authors, large and small, and feel that every author deserves a chance at finding an audience and we want to help.

To learn more about our Sponsored Review program or submit your book, click HERE.

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