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Are you a book junkie?

      …We’re here for you!

We have a book review staff of more than 100 avid book readers. Some are authors themselves. Some hold an MFA degree. Others just enjoy reading and do a great job of summarizing what they do and don’t like about a book. But we’re always looking to add more talent to the pool.

Considering auditioning to become a reviewer for us? You would be reviewing for San Francisco Book Review, Tulsa Book Review, and Manhattan Book Review.

If you answer YES to all of these questions, we’d love to take a look at your writing samples:

Your compensation will be the books you receive from us. Be the first to read a new title that hasn’t yet been released. However, if you review a book that was submitted to us through the Sponsored Review program, you’ll receive 20% of whichever level of turnaround the author purchased.

4/8/16: Our review team is full at this time, however, if you would like to apply, we will add you to our wait list.


To be put on our waiting list, go to this link, please:


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